It's time to scrap the Steam server browser!

Do your favourite online games have maps you love? MapTracker will notify you when your favourite online communities play your favourite maps!
Server Address Current Map Updated
Counterstrike: Source de_dust2 Updated 1 hour ago
Counterstrike: Global Offensive de_nuke Updated 5 minute ago
Killing Floor #1 kf_london Updated 5 seconds ago


Never miss a map again! Play only the maps you love, in the places you love.

Near-realtime notifications pushed to your device when your favourite games servers switch to maps you love.

We track your favourite server's history so you can decide where to play next

All popular Steam server browser games are supported, including but not limited to Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Garry's Mod, Counterstrike: Source & Killing Floor.

Is your favorite game not supported? Please make a request and we'll endeavour to add it to our service.

Desktop and Android browsers supported. Mobile & desktop apps are coming soon.


You can enjoy MapTracker's features for free, but if you'd like to support the project directly please consider becoming a Donator. You'll receive plenty of benefits.


  • Monitor up to 3 game servers concurrently
  • Watch for up to 3 specific map/level names across watched game servers

Donator (coming soon...)

  • Monitor up to 20 game servers concurrently
  • Watch for up to 50 specific map/level names across watched game servers
  • Wildcard map/level name watching support (e.g. de_dust* will match de_dust and de_dust2)